Brand History


Being wealthy isn’t about the money – it’s about having family and friends to share experiences with. 

For investors with goals to build wealth, we are dedicated commercial real estate experts who help clients achieve their goals, through real estate. Since 1973, representing property owners, tenants, and investors has been our family’s business. 

The commercial real estate broker did not exist in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago at our founding; we were founded to serve that need. 

As our brokerage clients’ needs evolved, we began developing retail, medical, and office properties throughout the Northwest suburbs. Today, the company’s growing portfolio has expanded well beyond the Northwest suburbs.

Then, when the property development business matured, we realized the need for commercial property management. Initially, we only managed our own properties, but as we enhanced our process, we began to serve others’ property management needs. 

We're More Than a Commercial Property Management Company 

We extend our services beyond the realms of typical commercial property management. As a full-service commercial real estate investment firm, we are dedicated to assisting property owners, tenants, and investors in navigating every phase of the real estate lifecycle with expertise and efficiency.

You have probably heard the adage “location,” “location,” “location,” or similarly, “buy land because they are not making more of it,” or “real estate is the purest form of entrepreneurship.” All of these adages are true, but the real estate business is a collaborative effort. Think of Brian Properties as the general manager or the head surgeon or “the guy” (everyone’s got a “guy,” and you, too, now have a “guy” and all our “guys”) to direct commercial property operations in pursuit of your goals.

We help property owners and tenants achieve their goals, no matter where they are in the real estate lifecycle. Each property and tenant has a lifecycle that serves a distinct purpose: property acquisition, operation, and deposition.

We understand the purpose of each property is:

  • To produce income for the owner
  • To provide a workspace for a tenant's business

As property owners ourselves, the Brian Properties team is well versed in each stage of the property lifecycle, given our tenure and successful execution of our own investments. We have the people, processes, procedures, and technology to create and achieve your goals. We are ever-evolving our business practices to ensure we stay at the top. 

Over time, clients have come and gone, but in many cases, we have continued to broker or manage a property through many different ownerships. Our longevity and depth of knowledge of the marketplace and specific properties make us a true asset.

A Tradition of Commercial Real Estate Success

Mark Meskauskas, our company's president, started at Brian Properties by picking up garbage and watering flowers, then grew to be the third-generation owner. He learned about the business from his grandfather, Jack B. Whisler, and father, Robert L. Whisler. 

Jack was his mentor and taught him how the real estate business works. Mark remembers spending hours in the car looking at properties and countless lunches where Jack told stories — often the same stories over and over. Those stories never got old, and he always seemed to pick up something new to learn about the business. 

Many of the lessons learned from Jack and Bob are still reflected in the organizational direction of the company as they continue to bring investors and tenants the best commercial real estate services in Chicago.

img-A Tradition of Commercial Real Estate Success

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