Tenant Representation

Our Chicago commercial real estate specialists advocate for tenants. 

Commercial property managers and tenant-representation

Tenants Need a Winning Partner for Success

Tenant representation is a specialized service we offer to commercial tenants seeking to lease or renew their space.

As tenant representatives, we advocate for our clients’ best interests, helping them find suitable properties, negotiate lease terms, and secure favorable rental agreements.

Our deep understanding of the Chicago commercial real estate market, lease structures, and occupancy costs ensures that tenants make informed decisions and receive optimal commercial lease terms.

Considering engaging a tenant representation broker?

Let our commercial leasing experts help you find the right space and lease terms for your business. 

How Do We Help Tenants? 

Believe it or not, commercial real estate investors need good tenants like you! However, we understand that finding the right space for your business in Chicago can be challenging in such a competitive market. 


With our tenant representation services, you have an ally for: 

   Helping you define your needs for commercial space 
   Finding the square footage you need to help your business grow
   Reviewing and analyzing commercial lease agreements
   Determining whether a rental price is fair for the space you have your eye on
   Negotiating lease terms
   Coordinating buildout implementation with building owners and vendors to meet your needs
   Understanding building rules and requirements for tenants
   Getting favorable lease renewal terms when you're happy in a space that helps your business thrive
   Answering questions throughout your lease term
   Avoiding mistakes, like rent rates that are too high or signing a lease for space that's too small for growth

As CRE experts in this market since 1973, Brian Properties has insights into retail, office, and industrial spaces throughout Chicago and Chicago's submarkets. We own and manage many properties while providing commercial property management services for properties that are not part of our portfolio.

So, we have our pulse on just about any type of space companies need! As your tenant representative, we work for you to find the right space and settle on the best lease terms. 

If you need space and a partner for success to reach your business goals in Chicago, let our experts represent you to find and lease the ideal commercial space.

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