How to Make Money (and Have Fun) Investing in Commercial Properties

Mark Meskauskas
30 May 2023
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What if we told you that investing in commercial properties can (and should) be fun?

Sure, it's a great way to make money as an investor and build generational wealth, long-term returns, diversification, and equity. Of course, there's also the research and in-depth legal obligations, financing, and drawing up lease documents. 

Still, the entire process can be enjoyable from start to finish. From setting and smashing goals to meeting a community of like-minded people, investing in commercial properties doesn't have to be boring. 

Ready to learn about having more funds as a commercial real estate investor? This blog looks at the best ways to locate commercial real estate deals, money-making (and saving) tips, and how to have fun throughout the journey.

How to Find Real Estate Deals

A crucial aspect of success when investing in commercial real estate is finding deals. Here are a few ways to find those good deals and grow your portfolio!

Speak to Experts

The most successful strategy for locating real estate deals is to reach out to established property specialists, such as brokers, property managers, or deal managers, who have consistency and history in a particular region. These include agents and brokers with access to property platforms and commercial databases that are not open to the general public.

The experts are the first to be aware of a new deal on the market and can advocate for investors to secure the best deals. 

Participate in Clubs and Networking Events

You'd be surprised how many real estate clubs are out there. Sign up for some meets or join online communities to network and speak with the right people. Even if there isn't a club in your immediate area, there is a range of online real estate clubs where people go to learn, share ideas, and get deals off the ground. 

The real estate investing crowd is diverse, and members of these clubs come from various backgrounds, meaning there is always something to learn. There may be opportunities to partake in joint ventures that you may not come across otherwise. 

Additionally, attending local events in your area, such as social groups or hobby meets, can help you connect with colleagues that can lead you to good deals. You never know who's ready to sell or looking to team up!

Happy businessman reviewing numbers on a laptop, successful commercial real estate investing strategies conceptFine Tune Your Marketing Strategy

If you're serious about finding exceptional deals, one of the best commercial real estate investing strategies is running an excellent marketing campaign. 

What this looks like will depend somewhat on your area and target market in Chicago. For example, a direct mail campaign may work well in zones with a higher population, whereas online efforts such as Facebook groups or creating a page for your business can target a slightly younger demographic. 

Additionally, blogging for your investment company website can set your business or fund apart by displaying authority and value in the space. This will contribute to more incoming leads. 

Finally, ensure all online pages, posts, and platforms are SEO optimized for higher conversions and leads. 

Why Commercial Real Estate Investing Is Fun

Investing in commercial properties involves plenty of stress and less-fun aspects, like analyzing numbers and deals that fall through. However, plenty of aspects of this wealth-building strategy also lead to enjoyment! 

You're Achieving a Goal

Commercial real estate success is the culmination of research, intense savings, dedication, and commitment. Once you're finally part of a successful deal, you can enjoy the income, security, and additional benefits a deal like that can bring. There are few things more fun than that!

You're Meeting New People

Commercial real estate investing and property meet-ups are great ways to meet people you wouldn't otherwise come across in your daily work and life. Experienced investors are full of great advice and stories. 

You're Using Creative Problem Solving

Every day is different in commercial real estate. This means there are ample opportunities to use problem-solving. If you're a person who enjoys taking on challenges and figuring out solutions, this is the right area to be in. 

How To Make Money In Commercial Real Estate

Having fun is important, but you won't have as much fun if you're not making money through your commercial real estate investment strategies! Here are a few ways to ensure you generate a profit. 

Smiling older businesswoman in a building, invest Chicago real estate conceptDetermine Your Investment Goals

The first step is to determine your investing goals and desired outcomes. Will you be investing for cash, appreciation, or a value-add opportunity to resell the property? Additionally, are you seeking passive or active opportunities? 

Having a clear strategy will better help you determine factors such as property type, location, and the degree to which you are involved in the administration of the property.  

Outline and Get On Top of Expenses

Secondly, the most crucial step is to have a clear idea of your finance and forecasting requirements. This means a clear overview of all expenses, such as inflation, travel, maintenance, insurance, tax, upgrades, etc. 

From there, you can determine the possible rental rate, cash-on-cash returns, ROI, and capital gains potential. 

Get Help From Experts

Let's say you want to invest Chicago real estate but live on the other side of the country. In that case, partnering with property professionals may be your most financially intelligent action to access a carefully screened property examined by industry experts.

Investing in Commercial Properties is Fun and profitable!

If you're not having enough fun through a successful commercial real estate portfolio, it's time for a change! With our decades of experience in the Chicago area and background in property management, we can support your investment journey to find the right property for you, help you make more money, and increase your enjoyment of building passive wealth through CRE. 

For more insights into the benefits of CRE, get your free copy of our "Ultimate Guide to Investing in Commercial Real Estate," or contact our team here at Brian Properties to learn how we make investing profitable, easy, and fun.

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